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     Couldn't be more pleased with Carpet Cleaner Mottingham. Using them for 6 months. Cleaners are punctual, professional, friendly, and take pride in their work. Highly recommend!
Briana Fanning19/07/2024
     The personnel did a top-notch job on my carpet. Although I've tried cleaning it for years, they restored its new look. Highly recommend. Thank you!
Melissa Troubadour09/07/2024
     Superior job! Their lawn cutting and edging are top-notch. I secured their services for the year. Highly recommend!
Kourtney S11/06/2024
     Absolutely content with the wonderful cleaner. She is both pleasant and efficient. Thanks so much.
Sophia T.31/05/2024
     This reputable agency's commitment to providing dependable and efficient solutions has earned them a loyal clientele who recommend them without hesitation.
Will H.17/05/2024
     Thanks to their hard work and dedication, we were able to recruit skilled and suitable candidates that have contributed greatly to the growth of our company.
Ella G.29/04/2024
     Outstanding domestic maintenance. The cleaning service was excellent in communicating, ensuring that I knew when and where we were meeting with the cleaner before they commenced their work.
     This cleaning service blew me away with their amazing work! The team was so hardworking and respectful during their visit this morning. They went above and beyond, and their top-notch customer service left a lasting impression on me. I immediately recommended them to my neighbor and will definitely be using them again.
Hamish R.30/03/2024
     We were pleased to find Mottingham Carpet Cleaning Company, whose efficiency and professionalism ensured that our new house was ready for us to move in without having to worry about any cleaning tasks.
Zoe Goddard20/03/2024
     Thanks to the dedication and expertise of Carpet Cleaning Services Mottingham, our living room looks and feels like a whole new space.
Damien S.01/03/2024
     There's no question that Carpet Cleaning Mottingham is the best choice for anyone in need of high-quality carpet and sofa cleaning services.
John F.11/02/2024
     The help provided by the cleaner made all the difference, they were extremely helpful and hands-on, I plan on booking more of their cleaning services.
A. Williams23/01/2024
     The cleaner was amiable, diligent and did an impressive job.
K. Lowe18/10/2023
     When we needed carpet cleaning, Mottingham Carpet Cleaning Company was our first choice. They were great to work with and gave us a great deal.
Tina S23/02/2023
     This cleaning service takes care of all of my properties. Before move-ins and end of tenancy cleanouts. Their cleaners are some of the best in the business. They are hardworking and detailed. The places always look pristine, when they are through with them.
Austin G.21/05/2020
     Great services. Friendly staff and reliable house cleaning company. I am a happy client and would recommend to anyone.
      Carpet Cleaning Mottingham do our office cleaning, and I've also hired them to do my cleaning at home too, and they do a great job with both.
Jim Collier10/06/2019
     This is one of those times I am glad I have friends to help me out. I had some negative experiences with bad house cleaners and that really made me distrustful of the industry in general. Thankfully my bestie recommended Carpet Cleaning Mottingham and mentioned they did a great job in her home. I gave them a go and they actually surprised me, may use their service again if I need it.
      Carpet Cleaning Mottingham gave me a great deal on my upholstery cleaning service and I was more than happy to book them after reading such positive reviews online. I was very pleased with my cleaner and the results I saw were brilliant - all the stains were gone and my upholstery felt fabulous too! Thanks!
Nicola G.14/10/2015
     As a newly single mother, doing all the chores became extremely challenging for me. I have little kids and they keep me occupied most of the time. One of my cousins told me about a renowned cleaning company - MottinghamCarpetCleaners - and I thought I may as well give it a go. I have never looked back since and my kids enjoy a much cleaner and beautiful house now.
     Got a lot of help from MottinghamCarpetCleaners recently and I wanted to make sure that they get the credit they deserve. They managed to do a huge amount of cleaning for us and that has made a big difference in the way we have begun to view our home. Whereas before it was always a bit of a chore to have to clean everything, now we can just relax knowing that we have a fantastic team around to help us. Every time they've been round to deal with a spill or a stain I can honestly say that I am hugely impressed.
Tina Jones04/06/2014