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     Great services. Friendly staff and reliable house cleaning company. I am a happy client and would recommend to anyone.
      Carpet Cleaning Mottingham do our office cleaning, and I've also hired them to do my cleaning at home too, and they do a great job with both.
Jim Collier10/06/2019
     This is one of those times I am glad I have friends to help me out. I had some negative experiences with bad house cleaners and that really made me distrustful of the industry in general. Thankfully my bestie recommended Carpet Cleaning Mottingham and mentioned they did a great job in her home. I gave them a go and they actually surprised me, may use their service again if I need it.
      Carpet Cleaning Mottingham gave me a great deal on my upholstery cleaning service and I was more than happy to book them after reading such positive reviews online. I was very pleased with my cleaner and the results I saw were brilliant - all the stains were gone and my upholstery felt fabulous too! Thanks!
Nicola G.14/10/2015
     As a newly single mother, doing all the chores became extremely challenging for me. I have little kids and they keep me occupied most of the time. One of my cousins told me about a renowned cleaning company - MottinghamCarpetCleaners - and I thought I may as well give it a go. I have never looked back since and my kids enjoy a much cleaner and beautiful house now.
     Got a lot of help from MottinghamCarpetCleaners recently and I wanted to make sure that they get the credit they deserve. They managed to do a huge amount of cleaning for us and that has made a big difference in the way we have begun to view our home. Whereas before it was always a bit of a chore to have to clean everything, now we can just relax knowing that we have a fantastic team around to help us. Every time they've been round to deal with a spill or a stain I can honestly say that I am hugely impressed.
Tina Jones04/06/2014

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